School Gardens

The Farmer D Organics School Garden Installation program is an easy way to add fresh, organic produce to your child's diet. Growing a garden of edibles at a child's school incorporates several different concentrations within their curriculum. Just think of the math involved in a recipe, or the cultural connections that any holiday feast symbolizes. It also connects the dots between healthy bodies and healthy environments.

Farmer D offers special school discounts.

Here's How it Works..

  1. Plans will be drawn out and a quote will be written that outlines the costs of materials and services.
  2. On the day of installation the Farmer D team will deliver, install and plant your garden with student and teacher participation.
  3. The Farmer D team offers training and support for teachers to learn how to maintain, harvest and integrate their school garden into the curriculum.

School Gardens can be custom designed from a simple layout using stock raised beds or we can design a colorful and imaginative garden.

Add sheds, compost bins, potting benches or arbors.

If you have interest in this program and are unsure of how to proceed, feel free to contact us at